About Christian Boycotts

About finding an end to the recent increase of gross, gay, advertising attacks on the general public, and Christians by the use of television commercials that are reaching an intolerable level.
The general public and Christians do not hate gays, criminals, drug addicts, or any other repulsive, deviate life style choice persons, but we hate the deviate life styles, and acts they do or crimes they commit. What we hate is what they do, how they do it, and how they live, slapped in our faces, one, twice, or any amount of times. Simply put we do not need to know about their choices at all. They them and theirs need to keep it to their self's, and do what ever it is not only legal, but private.

Bombardment of such gay ads on visual media of all kinds, have exceeded beyond an unacceptable level, striking the public tolerance to its end.
Individuals and or groups who choose to push any', not just gay, gross, and or offensive, life style choice, and acts, to more than just, into the public eye, but to the extent causing great personal and family offense.

Offended beyond the unacceptable high tolerance norm by the actions of offensive special interest groups, bent on pushing deviant life styles, that need to be reserved to them self's, their types, their friends, their groups, their meeting places, their homes, and their bedrooms.

The best way to send the message, to stop this attack on decent people,  is with a financial war, and we are going our pocket books to win.

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Since the beginning of time, escalating to a new beginning in year 1 AD. with the birth of Jesus Christ, and again in the 1940's and 1960's with many types of free life style choices coming out of closets, the general public and Christians have joined forces against offenders of public decency. Protecting children, and the family unit, in general from every type of deviate, common or non common criminal, from con artists, child molesters, to rapists, burglars, robbers, murderers, and public offensive, gross, actions, by any one, or group, for any reason or reasons. The offenders have again awaken the sleeping giant of decent Americans, to this time, a financial war.


To break the bank of the offensive product advertisers, boycotting there products and services, is our mission.


  •  Christian Crusades 1095 -1250 AD.
  •  6 day war June 5, 1967 – June 10, 1967 AD.
  • We will be known now, by how our freinds, family, and we buy products or not.
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