We are local christians Gods Servants

Gods Servants

We Local Christans who have prayed faithful as Gods Servants now for this first chance we have ever had, with the new admin, to reverse Roe vs Wade,  see: Roe Law, a Supreme court decision that legalized and promoted baby murder, called abortion.

Main stream media and many top companies are controlled by enemies of the United States Of America and have you fooled. We support Macy's for staying neutral.

Watch the fox network and international news channels for some real truth.

Boycotts are needed to end the assaults upon us by the following companies, or hurt their bottom line. Below are some of the top Christian offenders, including some gross gay advertising companies who are trying to make us up chuck, barf, toss our lunch, and every other meal, at every chance they can.

With repulsive flaming gay spokesmen, little flaming gay singers, forces customers to share with bathrooms with tranvetites, news, fake news net works, and evil anti American companies who support anti Christian acts.

1. New born, baby, and toddler, and adult, vaccines containing murcury, Watch the video Vaxxed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpQyYTs5LTg  and the Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD video by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Robert De Niro, Press Conference, 2/15/17 @ National Press Club - Wash D.C. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqWhzKewILk&feature=youtu.be The United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last reports

2. ABC.

3. CNBC.

4. CBS.

5. CNN.

6. Neiman Marcus.

7. Nordstrom.

8. Belk.


10. TARGET stores.

11. Sonic.

12. Burger King.

13. All State insurance.

The over all message we get from this seemingly organized, sick, twisted, degenerate, deviate, group of advertising sponsors is against traditional Christian and time honored, American values.

We will use every legal method we can to end this gross attack on us. Spread the word in your church, tell your freinds, class mates, and co workers, post and talk about this assult on our rights, every where you can, and share us on face book,

2/1/2017 -

Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD

United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last reports. Congress wil order subpoena of Dr. William Thomson investigate the CDC MMR vaccine study FRAUD

Repeal the congressional conspiracy 1996 National childhood Vaccine Injury Act enact emergency legislation to hold liable vaccine manufacturers for all injury, or injuries, caused by the vaccines.
Executive order is needed to make single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines be made available to the public immediately. That all vaccines be reclassified as all other pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.  Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqWhzKewILk&feature=youtu.be


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All Americans of all types of persons, of all types of life style choices, who are fed up getting sickened by repulsive gross gay advertising from sick, gross, ads from gross companies. Our protest goes beyond Christian morality, and decentcy, to the core of our right to not be sickened to death by very gross, bad adversments.
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